Articles regarding Addiction:

“Female Sex Addict: Not an Oxymoron” by Katelyn Beaty, Her.meneutics

“The Real Problem with Female Masturbation” by Jordan Monge, Her.meneutics

 “Seven Good Reasons to Stop Looking at Porn Right Now” by Tim Challies, Tim

Womens’s Secret Porn Problem” by Trillia Newbell, Her.meneutics

NEW RESOURCE “What’s the Big Deal with Porn?” by Eddie Kaufholz, RELEVANT

Articles regarding Culture and Christian Living: 

I am Damaged Goods” by Saraj Bessey, A Deeper Story

NEW RESOURCE “Four Lies the Church Taught Me about Sex” byLily Dunn, RELEVANT

The Power of Confession” by Anne Jackson, Relevant

“Satisfied in Christ” by Chris Poblete, Blogging Theologically

Three Lies Entertainment Tells Us about Sex” by Andrew Byers, Relevant

Virginity Isn’t Our Holy Grail” by Jen Pollock, Her.meneutics

NEW RESOURCE “When Confession Costs Friendship” by Jessica Harris, Beggar’s Daughter

Articles regarding Sexual Exploitation and Abuse:

 Article Resources by The A21 Campaign

NEW RESOURCE “What Christians get wrong about Sexual Abuse” by Samantha Field, RELEVANT